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Intelligent Communications is the ability to bring people into business processes when needed – not just any people but the right people, at the right time, using the right medium.  Intelligent Communications is accomplished by linking business applications, communications applications and people over any network. People are made more productive by giving them greater capabilities and the ability to control their communications experience, processes are made more efficient by reducing human latency, and customers are more satisfied because businesses can be more responsive to their needs.

To effectively deploy Intelligent Communications, enterprises need a converged voice and data network based on IP telephony that is reliable, efficient, scalable and able to support new communications capabilities that drive innovation, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Avaya Communication Manager Software provides the open, highly-available and extensible IP Telephony foundation on which enterprises large and small can deliver Intelligent Communications, now and into the future.

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  • Avaya Aura Session Manager

    Avaya Aura™ Session Manager is a key enabler of Avaya’s next generation Aura architecture. Avaya Aura builds on the highly-reliable and extensible IP-based Communication Manager Software and brings it together with a revolutionary new SIP-based Avaya Aura Session Manager capability.