Services Overview


Our industry Mavens can help you chart a vision based on the best available technology for your call center
Your voice goes beyond the spoken word and equipment used to facilitate communication.

Voice, video, data communications, SMS, web services, these are all aspects of your business voice that require thoughtful design and management. Whether your business involves reaching out to customers, partners, or staff, Merrill and Associates integrates the unique blend of infrastructure and services needed to give your business voice the quality, resonance and amplitude needed to optimize your message and reach the eyes and ears you need to reach.

From your contact center, enterprise telephony platforms, or your data network, Merrill and Associates builds the voice of your business.

  • In addition to our core consulting capabilities around enterprise telephony development and design, we also offer strategic reviews, cost management strategies, disaster planning, and continuity of business operations.CONSULTING & SERVICES

    At Merrill & Associates we offer a unique brand of consulting built on building your complete business infrastructure.

    We participate equally well in both Fixed Price and Time and Material engagements that are focused on helping you develop enterprise telephony, contact center, network and data center environments into top of class communications tools.

  • Social media management is as necessary today for business as the telephone. Maybe more so!SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT

    Social media management is, on one hand, about managing a company’s social media presence.  On the other hand it is about using social media in unconventional ways to drive more revenue, improve profit margins, and increase customer loyalty.

  • Throughput, price, performance and reliability, these are the sexy attributes of the well-developed network and Merrill has been building them for more than twenty years.NETWORK SERVICES

    Merrill’s Network Services are about optimizing network performance and efficiency.   Whether these are voice circuits into the cloud, private point-to-point datacomm, or a network of MPLS nodes, we understand how and why one option is superior to the others.

  • Infrastructure deployment can be an impediment to business, and sometimes it is a superior choice to use somebody else’s equipment.HOSTED SERVICES

    Being able to respond to business opportunities without the responsibility of deploying and maintaining a supporting infrastructure can be a powerful business advantage.  Infrastructure deployment can be an impediment to business plans, from a cost and capability standpoint; often times the superior choice is to utilize hosted services.

  • Virtualization in the data center is not only conceivable but very practicable and highly efficient.VIRTUALIZATION

    Business voice thrives on universality.  Virtualization in the data center leads to universality and is therefore a foundation of the future business voice.  Protocols, practices, and procedures are reduced to common denominators which are then wielded in unique and meaningful ways to support the conduct of business. 

  • The best minds in the business are already building tomorrow. Join the discussion!ROUNDTABLES

    Building the voice of business is an evolving form that rewards the sharing of information with new ways of talking to one another.

    Merrill sponsors user roundtables in various vertical and horizontal market segments for the express purpose of evolving the art of communicating by group think.