Contact Center

reporting & Analytics

By supporting and integrating Avaya’s Reporting and Analytics suite of products, Merrill and Associates is able to implement turnkey Contact Center solutions.

Merrill’s integrated approach to your Contact Center products is customized for your business, maximizing opportunity throughout the entire sales cycle.  Customer service feedback loops are also critical in maintaining relationships and taking advantage of revenue generating opportunities.

  • Call Management System

    Designed for businesses with complex contact-center operations and high call volume, Call Management System is a database, administration, and reporting application to help businesses identify operational issues and take immediate action to solve them.

  • Avaya IQ

    The IQ contact center reporting and analytics platform consolidates real-time data from Avaya customer service solutions and enterprise business resources, to deliver insights into both customer and agent activity. It provides highly customizable reports, including dashboards that support cross-tab, drill down, and roll up for easy analytics. These outputs let managers relate activity to results, allowing them to make more informed decisions that maximize contact center efficiency.

  • Operational Analyst

    The Operational Analyst software environment allows multi-channel contact centers to analyze performance data—both real-time and historical information—across multiple sites and vendor platforms. It includes a centralized Customer Interaction Repository that gives supervisors and business managers full access to transaction and interaction histories across voice, Web, email, and other media. Standard report packages provide actionable details and summaries that span multiple locations and communication channels.

  • Workforce Optimization

    Avaya Aura® Workforce Optimization helps businesses balance efficiency and effectiveness by using the contact center as a strategic resource. This analytics-driven offering lets organizations capture, analyze, and act on information to improve workforce performance, customer interactions and customer service processes.