Contact Center


From Dialog Designer, Interactive Response, Media Processing Server and Voice Portal, each application is unique to you and your business.

Merrill’s team of IT mavens, analyzes, designs, and deploys solutions specific to your business needs, ensuring efficient business practices, maximizing your contact center, and collecting critical data you need to grow your business.

  • Dialog Designer

    Dialog Designer is a Java integrated self-service development environment, based on the Eclipse open-source framework. It allows businesses to quickly and easily create speech, touch-tone, voice, and video self-service applications. The visual interface eliminates the need for explicit coding—call flows and speech grammars can be represented as graphical objects, which can be dragged and dropped into place, facilitating rapid prototyping.

  • Interactive Voice Response

    Interactive Response allows businesses to automate telephone transactions, delivering enhanced service at lower costs. This interactive voice response system can answer incoming calls, ask questions, and provide information using both synthesized and pre-recorded speech; and it takes input via spoken word, touch tones, dial pulse, or TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf).

  • Media Processing Server

    Media Processing Server 500 and MPS 1000 are full featured, competitively priced self-service solutions that offer support for advanced speech, VoiceXML, Session Initiation Protocol, multiple version ISDN and SS7 support, and many other packages and native interfaces enabling MPS to seamlessly integrate with numerous CTI applications for fast, intelligent call routing and pleasing customer experiences.

  • Voice Portal

    Voice Portal is an open standards based platform for automating inbound and outbound voice and video customer care. Offering industry-leading reliability and scalability, the voice self service application comes with robust management and reporting features, to help reduce costs and simplify operations.