Building Voice


Merrill and Associates understands that every contact center is unique, with unique challenges, unique objectives, and unique opportunities to drive new and better business.

But the tools that drive innovation in the contact center space are evolving rapidly and more and more businesses are seeking outside professional services to keep up with technology.

Strategic contact center consulting services from Merrill and Associates can help you chart a vision based on the best available technology, and our Engineering and Design team can deploy it into your environment.

  • Interaction Management

    Implementing and supporting all of Avaya’s Interaction Management products beneficial to the running your business efficiently.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Detailed reporting and analytical products crucial for maximizing opportunity and growing revenue.

  • Self Service

    The Self Service center allows for complete customization built on Avaya’s core technology of contact center products.

  • The Open Marketplace

    Out-of-the-box products that push the envelope of system integration and infrastructure efficiency.