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Merrill and Associates understands that every contact center is unique, with unique challenges, unique objectives, and unique opportunities to drive new and better business.  But the tools that drive innovation in the contact center space are evolving rapidly and more and more businesses are seeking outside professional services to keep up with technology.

Strategic contact center consulting services from Merrill and Associates can help you chart a vision based on the best available technology, and our Engineering and Design team can deploy it into your environment.

  • Extreme Networks

    Extreme Networks addresses a wide range of customers with wired and wireless network infrastructures. Merrill & Associates takes the lead in out-of-the-box design and integration utilizing the necessary tools for each project.

  • Juniper Networks

    Networks are becoming more relevant in the world we live in today.  By supporting a diverse portfolio of clients we utilize vendors like Juniper Networks who pride themselves with innovative and cutting edge network technology.