Building Voice

enterprise data

At Merrill and Associates we understand that ideas drive business growth and innovation. We also know that ideas come from the focused application of knowledge.

Our portfolio of products and services is designed around the focused application of enterprise telephony and contact center knowledge.  We employ a full service approach including consulting services, network assessments, and strategic reviews that help you innovate, grow, and improve the overall position of your business in your marketplace.

  • Gateways & Border Control
    The network border is a wild place.  We encourage our clients to consider it a frontier where opportunity and risk are everywhere.
  • Data Portfolio
    Intelligent Communications is accomplished by linking business applications, communications applications and people over any network.
  • Session Management
    SIP is an agile, general purpose "toolkit" for creating, modifying and terminating sessions on these systems, and Session Management is the orchestration of all these session.
  • The Open Marketplace
    Out-of-the-box products that push the envelope of system integration and infrastructure efficiency.