Building Business

Hosted services

Being able to respond to business opportunities without the responsibility of deploying and maintaining a supporting infrastructure can be a powerful business advantage.  Infrastructure deployment can be an impediment to business plans, from a cost and capability standpoint; often times the superior choice is to utilize hosted services.

Merrill offers hosting opportunities in Enterprise Telephony solutions, Contact Center and Data Network Services.   These allow for rapid deployments, flexibility, and redundancy in power and environmental services.   We offer hosted solutions with one of our partner data centers and or have the flexibility to work with your own trusted data center environment. 

As part of our hosted solutions, we manage and maintain the infrastructure providing you fully supported solutions that meet the demanding needs of your business.

Staying quick, staying nimble, staying flexible, staying powerful, these are the principal motivations behind the decision to use hosted services, and Merrill and Associates is proud to be the host of choice.