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Interaction Management

Merrill and Associates fully supports and integrates Avaya’s ‘Interaction Management’; a solid lineup of contact center products critical for building the voice of your business.

As a Platinum Business Partner, supporting and integrating Avaya products is second nature.  One of Merrill’s core strengths is rooted in Contact Center analysis, system development and deployment.

Establishing a strategic alliance with Avaya correlates to client benefits through cutting edge technology and systems that are plug-and-play.  What you need, when you need it.

  • Avaya Aura® Contact Center

    Avaya Aura® Contact Center leverages real-time and historical information to deliver seamless, context-sensitive customer care. It facilitates communication via voice and multimedia channels, to dramatically improve service levels that callers can hear, see and feel.

    The system uses SIP functionality along with Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and web services to increase flexibility and anticipate customer needs.  The result is a proactive, integrative, collaborative customer experience that changes the paradigm in the contact center.

    Be where your customers are going.  Avaya Aura® Contact Center gets you there first.

  • Avaya one-X Agent

    Avaya one-X® Agent is a desktop software application built specifically to meet the needs of contact center agents.

    Avaya one-X Agent gives contact center agents the desktop software they need to be more productive, whether they're working in a headquarters location, a branch office or home office. One-touch access to functions such as conference, transfer, and supervisor assist enables agents to effectively manage both communications and agent tasks, making them more responsive and collaborative regardless of where they are working. And contact center agents can pre-record their greetings to ensure that customers are presented with the same greeting as if it were the first call of the day.

    Integrated presence and instant messaging help one-X Agent users reach out to an available expert anywhere in the enterprise. Agents have the tools they need to drive first call resolution and high customer satisfaction.

  • Business Advocate

    Business Advocate manages all voice, email, and Web chat interactions via a single universal queue, intelligently routing customers in real time to the best agent for their needs. It takes into account pre-established business objectives; customer needs and business value; and the skills and availability of the current agent pool. Business Advocate actively monitors all of this information, making rapid decisions about which agent should be matched to which customer. This may mean connecting to the agent whose immediate service may produce the greatest value, instead of the caller who has waited longest.

  • Call Center Elite

    The Call Center Elite call routing software is an Automatic Call Distribution application that maximizes routing and resource selection, allowing agents to handle calls more effectively and improving overall productivity. It offers conditional (if/then) call routing, using context-based inputs and versatile selection capabilities. Managers can choose whether inbound calls connect with the least busy agent, the first available agent, or the one with skills that best match the customer’s needs. Virtual call routing allows businesses with multiple sites to maximize resource utilization across all locations.

    Call Center Elite can integrate with traditional circuit-switched, H.323, and SIP networks (as well as hybrid environments), allowing businesses to protect existing hardware and software investments.

  • Contact Center Control Manager

    Avaya Contact Center Control Manager provides centralized operational administration exclusively for Avaya Contact Center Applications.

    This product allows one-time definition and on-going management of the following entities and data relevant to contact center systems: Agents, Skills, VDN’s, extensions, call flows, IVR working hours, dynamic prompts and menu content.

  • Contact Center Express

    With the Contact Center Express suite, mid-size businesses interact with their customers using phone, email, text, instant messaging or SMS.  Avaya’s proven ACD technology processes all multi-media channels, routing requests to the appropriate agent, who can reply using the same contact method. Contact Center Express integrates with Avaya Communication Manager and Avaya call center solutions, allowing businesses to leverage their existing investments.

    Contact Center Express delivers intelligent routing, built-in reporting and Microsoft® CRM integration, contact management, and support for self-service applications. Powerful development tools, out-of-the-box applications, and wizards for agent and routing rules reduce the need for additional software development.

  • Interaction Center

    The Interaction Center software suite provides enterprise-class control of contact-center communications across multiple channels: voice, video, email, Web chat, and IP telephony. It simplifies the management process, helping companies maintain high levels of service, so they can consistently exceed customer expectations. Its open-standards-based architecture simplifies design, deployment, and maintenance, so businesses can easily integrate it with their own data, applications, and switching systems, as well as those of their partners.

  • Proactive Contact

    Proactive Contact is Avaya’s industry-leading outbound platform for creation and management of outbound campaigns and customer communications. It offers superior voice detection and predictive dialing capabilities that alongside inbound/outbound agent blending help you improve customer satisfaction, increase agent productivity, and maximize your return on investment.

  • Proactive Outreach Manager

    Outbound dialing makes marketing managers nervous - for good reason. These professionals know that, done poorly, outbound dialing campaigns can end badly.  Disastrously even.   Done correctly, outbound campaigns save money, increase revenues, improve margins, and most importantly, they build loyalty into the customer base by providing a timelier customer handle and a vastly superior customer experience.

    There are outbound opportunities in every call center and clever marketing managers are using them in brand new ways.  When that moment in time occurs that it is prudent or profitable to get your customer on the phone there must be a reliable means of setting up and supporting the call with aplomb.

    Merrill and Associates strategic consulting services help you identify the opportunity associated with outreach and our technology expertise makes it work.  Contact us about outreach contact center services.

    • • Progressive Dialers

      These dialers are less emphatic. They use much the same core logic deciding who to call as other dialers (lists, or CRM events, or Social Media hits) but they are easier on the call center. Where Predictive Dialers place an outbound call and THEN an agent to take it, the Progressive Auto Dialer will send contact information to the agent first and then either wait a proscribed amount of time before placing the call, or wait for a signal from the agent that they are ready.

      This sort of dialer is friendlier to the customer, kinder to satisfaction levels, but they tend to create spoilage in the call center. They are most often used where the outreach is part of service delivery, where agents are fulfilling on your business commitments, creating loyalty with existing clients, or reaching out to qualified sales leads with high conversion rates.

      The ideal auto dialer is progressive, predictive, and proactive outreach.

    • • Predictive Dialers

      Predictive dialers are more emphatic. They use much the same core logic deciding who to call as other dialers (lists, or CRM events, or Social Media hits) but they get the caller on the phone and THEN they decide which agent should take the call.

      With a predictive type of dialer, agents often do not have contact information until the caller is on the line and they are speaking with them. This sort of dialer is generally more efficient with the call centers time, but the very thing that makes them efficient can make them annoying to the person being called if the agent is not ready to talk with them.

      They are most often used where the outreach is part of a campaign where greeting script is very standardized and only high level details on the contact (such as first and or last name) are needed. The ideal auto dialer is progressive, predictive, and proactive outreach.

    • • Proactive Dialers

      These dialers can perform progressively (bring on agent first), or predictively (bring on customer first) , but what differentiates them is in how they go about deciding who to call.

      These respond to diverse triggers within the marketplace or in your business environment, reach out based on business need or opportunity. In other words, they DECIDE who to call, rather than simply react to a list or a CRM event.

      Proactive auto dialing is largely enabled by SIP technology where diverse business information systems are able to share information and recognize the opportunity and/or need.