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Out-Of-The-Box Integration

August 15  |  Merrill & Associates  |  Integration

Merrill & Associates develops seamless integration between Avaya and Genesys

BREA, CA – California based, Merrill & Associates, a leading systems integration and technology development company, raises the bar with their true end-to-end technology solutions.   As an Avaya Platinum Business Partner, Merrill & Associates systematically demonstrates why they are the go-to technology partner for out-of-the-box integration and custom application development.

With the dawn of each day, technology seems to have grown in leaps and bounds overnight.  Applications and systems are in constant flux with end users holding onto equipment and technology that needs specialists to figure out next steps.

Merrill’s latest accolade comes in the form of the demanding world of the Call Center.  With massive call volumes, call routing, call tracking, and customer feedback support to scratch the surface, Call Centers are the lifeblood of most organizations today.  24/7/365 is where most businesses live today.  In addition to online support, the Call Center lives and breathes.

"We were approached by the client for an integration solution which included two autonomous systems; Genesys SIP Server 8 and Avaya Aura Session Manager Release 6. The goal of the project was to help the client create a more efficient routing system and more robust feedback loop,” stated Lenin Rodriguez, Chief Technology Officer at Merrill & Associates.

In response to the clients’ need, Merrill & Associates leveraged their highly sought after team of engineers to develop an extremely unique and ‘cost reducing’ solution.  Lenin commented, “We took advantage of Avaya’s open architecture and developed a solution where two products aren’t known for talking with one another.  The client had a need and we went above and beyond to deliver a system resulting in double digit monthly cost savings. The integration between Avaya Aura Session Manager and Genesys SIP Server reduces agent labor and training costs while improving call-handling responsiveness.”

"This work is a significant example of how Merrill & Associates utilizes expertise and investment in a highly skilled team of engineers to integrate applications that will help with modern and effectual business solutions," Rodriquez added.

At the heart of Merrill & Associates, is the Laboratory, known as Merrill Labs.  Merrill & Associates actively invests in the development of custom applications, system integration and product demonstrations.  The collective efforts of the entire team pool together and benefit the client on multiple levels.  From creating a more robust and efficient infrastructure to robust reporting and analytics, Merrill & Associates keeps the clients’ need first via customized solutions indicative of the technology that drives the business.

Merrill & Associates takes a unique approach to business systems and development.  While they utilize the tools from major manufacturers like Avaya and Genesys, its Merrill’s ability to think out-of-the-box and work with each client on a case by case basis, providing platinum level service and solutions.

About Merrill & Associates
Merrill & Associates is a leading provider of end-to-end business communications systems including: Application Development and Integration, Voice over IP (VOIP), Unified Communications, Voice/Data Convergence, Messaging Solutions, Video Conferencing, Contact Center Applications, and Network/Carrier Services. As your full service communications partner, the synthesis of technical expertise, superior customer service and leading edge technology ensures a dedicated team focused on you and your business.  For more information, call 800-253 3111.

About Avaya Aura Session Manager
Avaya Aura® Contact Center allows organizations to leverage real-time and historical information to deliver seamless, context-sensitive customer care. It facilitates communication via voice and multimedia channels, so businesses can deliver service on their customers’ own terms.

About Genesys SIP
Genesys SIP allows you to leverage the leading customer service suite on an open-standard IP infrastructure that reduces costs, boosts performance, increases flexibility, and improves management control. This software integrates with any SIP-enabled IP infrastructure and application to provide functionality without proprietary requirements for voice, video, and other communication channels.