Building Business

2013 Roundtable Sessions

Building the voice of business is an evolving form that rewards the sharing of information with new ways of talking to one another.

Merrill sponsors user roundtables in various vertical and horizontal market segments for the express purpose of evolving the art of communicating by group think.

Please ask your Client Solutions Manager about a seat at the roundtable, which comes with both responsibility and reward.

  • Small Business IT Managers

    A group of trusted and proven IT managers, focusd on the wants, needs and desires of small business. The Small Business IT Manager's roundtable tackles tough issues relating to getting the most bang for the diminishing buck. How Small Business get's big is the central theme.

  • Marketing Contact Center

    Comprised of Marketing Teleservices professionals, who are responsible for the innovative USE of the contact center tool. These are not IT people who maintain a contact center infrastructure, but rather, th Marketing people who USE the resource to make better business.

  • Datacenter Managers

    Comprised of Data Center Managers, who are responsible for creating an effecient and robust environmnet within which to conduct IT business. This roundtable meets to address issues in the data center, whether they are internal data centers or hosted/shared tenant data centers designd with hardened survivability and redundant systems.

  • SIP Application Integration

    Comprised of applications developers and third party applications vendor representatives responsible for furthering the SIP revolution. The SIP Applications Integration Roundtable looks at the way the Merill client base is using SIP and gives the membership unfettered access to SIP vendors who are integrating SIP into all kinds of third party applicaitons. The third party applications vendors are involved as Subject Matter Experts and must agree to strict no-marketing policy.

  • Disaster Recovery Planners

    Comprised of Disaster Planners from all facets of industry and government. The Disaster Recovery Planners Roundtable looks specifically at the big picture of disaster recovery. Best practices and shared experiences are the best way for Merrill clients to be sure thay are as prepared as they can be in the event a disaster strikes a company, a street, a city, a region.