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session Management

The network border is a wild place.  We encourage our clients to consider it a frontier where opportunity and risk are everywhere. 

Managing the network border involves seizing the opportunity while mitigating the risks.  Hackers, fraudsters, bots, and wanderers present a constant threat and this threat is most effectively managed at the border.

Merrill and Associates can help you quantify the opportunity and mitigate the threat to your voice and data networks.

  • SIP at the Edge

    Edge SIP is about trunking and communications circuits meant to carry voice, video or data, between multi-media systems across public and private networks.

    SIP also can be used to traverse Network to Network Interfaces, linking multi-media systems that are on different private networks.

  • SIP at the Core

    Successful business voice requires a fluid exchange of ideas between at least two points.  Whether the conversation is private between two people on a bench, or a raucous rabble of thousands shouting at each other across a room in different languages, the SIP Core is a place where each voice will find the intended ear and carry on as if they were the only ones in the room.

    In a business environment where people and systems use multiple forms of media to communicate, while they move about the world in ways that are not predictable, the SIP Core is about finding them, establishing a conversation and then getting out of the way while business is done.